Mark Valley portrays Fringe's John Scott, a Special Agent for the FBI. He has a clandestine romance with his law enforcement partner, Agent Olivia Dunham. They both investigate Flight 627, a German trans-Atlantic flight that landed in Boston, its passengers decayed and dissolved. Agent Scott discovered a secret laboratory, exposing him to synthetic chemical contagions that begin to decay is body. He is put into a drug-induced coma while the Fringe team search for a cure. Although a cure is found and applied, it is discovered John Scott also seems to be working undercover for the NSA in order to infiltrate the bio-terrorist cell run by weapons dealer Conrad Moreau. Once recovered, John escapes, Olivia giving chase, but he crashes his vehicle. He dies in her arms. However, Olivia and John continue to meet on several occasions while Olivia is in an induced dream state.

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