"Q & A: Mark Valley"

by FOX.com, October, 2010

Fox Q & A: Mark Valley

FOX:  If you wrote an episode (of "Human Target"), what would you be sure your character did?
Mark Valley:  I would like for there to be an episode where Chance is a circus performer. He has to get up on a high wire and walk around. He has to protect some beautiful gymnast. I’m terrified of heights, but we’ve got a good rigger, so it would be fine. We should do an episode of Glee, but I don’t see why anyone would want to kill anybody on Glee. Chance could protect Jane Lynch’s character. Someone might go after her…a football coach…assistant football coach... Those are the ones you have to look out for. Or, they should do a football episode. Chance has to be the quarterback in the Super Bowl! That’s my episode. I have to go practice!

FOX:  What’s on your pizza?
Mark Valley:  Pepperoni and mushrooms. Anything else is just overdoing it.

FOX:  What song is on your personal soundtrack?
Mark Valley:  Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

FOX:  It’s 11AM on Sunday – where are you and what are you doing?
Mark Valley:  I’m in bed, I feel drugged, and I realize that’s probably because I had to work until 1 am the night before.

FOX:  If you could call dibs now on any prop from the show what would it be?
Mark Valley:  The rubber Walter P99. I wouldn’t want a real gun because then you could hurt somebody. I’d take the fake gun.

Source: http://www.fox.com/humantarget/bios/mark-valley


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