"Leeza": Mark Valley, Melissa Reeves and Jason visit with Leeza Gibbons on her talk show

Broadcast: November 8, 1995
Transcribed by Salem

This marks Melissa Reeves last public appearance for "Days of our Lives" as Jennifer.

LEEZA: Are you guys ready to bring on another sizzling romantic storyline from the show? Jack and Jennifer were married, remember. Jack left Jennifer. Jennifer found comfort in Peter, not knowing he was a member of the evil DiMera family. Well, despite his past, Jennifer and Peter fell in love. The big question, will they make it to the alter without Jack intercepting their plans. Let's get that love triangle out here. It's Melissa Reeves, Jason Brooks and Mark Valley.

(The three actors enter in that order. Missy runs to the stage and hugs Peter R. and Kristian A. Jason and Mark follow and they take their seats as Leeza greets them. Mark has obviously come directly from taping because he is wearing clothes that Jack was wearing on screen in early Dec. Leeza has met Jason and Missy before.)

MARK: Nice to meet you.

LEEZA: You too.

JASON: Don't bring up the bulletin board.

LEEZA: I know. I was in his dressing room as Nurse Barbara and let me tell you the things I could tell about this man. But that's another show.

JASON: Let me tell you she left her shoes in my room just to let you know what a sloppy house she keeps.

LEEZA: You mean those white nurse shoes? (laughs) So you guys know if the wedding is going to happen or not. You don't know, do you? (to audience) You think it will? (audience shouts yes and no) Come on, give it up. Is it gonna go or not?

JASON: Which wedding is this?

LEEZA: You guys wanna know anything I need to get to?

JASON: I'll give you another hint, Leeza. Two days before, I find him (points to Mark) in bed with my dog. (the audience moans. Close up of Mark (as he smiles at Jason's remark) But he's not embarrassed about that.

LEEZA: You are so bad! Melissa you were pregnant on the show (scene plays with Mark, Missy and Kettner twins) You were pregnant in real life. Almost at the same time.

MELISSA: Uh exactly the same time and they wrote it in.

LEEZA: But didn't you have Emily before you had the baby on the show?

MELISSA: I had Emily first and then I went back and wore a big pad on the show and had . . . big boobs and the whole thing.

LEEZA: That is too bad to have to stay fat after you've given birth.

MELISSA: It was horrible. Cause once you think you have the baby, you think you can go back in shape but I had to go back and put it all on. But it was nice to take it off at the end of the day.

MARK: And it wasn't as painful.

MELISSA: (laughs and grabs his leg) And it wasn't painful...

LEEZA: How are Emily and how's Scott?

MELISSA: Emily's great. She's three now. She's wonderful. And Scott's great. (audience cheers)

LEEZA: (to audience) I love them. They are like the perfect couple. That Scott Reeves is darling.

Later on in the show, Leeza asks each actor to sum up what it is that they like best about being on the show.

MARK: Uhmm . . . It would have to be . . . the money. (audience and cast laughs)

MELISSA: I would have to say everyone on this whole stage. (motions to everyone behind her. audience and cast 'auhhhs')

JASON: For me it's working with Drake. (grabs Drake while fake sobbing. (audience laughs)

All three actors were engaged in small talk and sometimes noticeably laughing as the show went to and came back from commercial. More so than the other actors in the cast. They really looked like good friends. The day after this aired, Missy called Ken Corday and quit.