"Mark's brief appearance on 'Northwest Afternoon', November 1995"

The Soap Segment host, Cyndi Rinehart, has gotten a group of viewers press passes to a Seattle Sears celebrity event which features Mark, Jason Brooks, Roark Critchlow and others from other shows, to interview one of their favorite stars.

Mark Valley

Mark is wearing a jean style shirt with a less casual tan vest and dark pants. When the fan reporter welcomes him to the northwest, he smiles and claps for her.
Fan:  We look forward to seeing you for the next two years on there (Days of Our Lives).
Mark:  Barring any freaks of nature.
Fan:  Well, yeah, like a thumb being chopped off. (Referring to a home accident that had to be written in to the show)
Mark:  Or a film offer from Steven Spielberg. (Looks into the camera and violently waves)  If you are out there. (laughs)
Later, Cyndi talks to the fan.
Cyndi:  Do you think that he is sexy in real life?
Fan:  Oh, he is.  He's a riot.  He is so funny.  We went out and did his Christmas shopping while we were there.  He picked out all kinds of things.  A robe and a sweater and took it back.  And he wanted to interview people.  That's what he wanted to do.

This appearance was transcribed by Salem.