"Ricki Lake Show, October 1996"

Guests have come on to the "Ricki Lake Show" because they want to meet their favorite daytime soap star. Elaine has come on to reveal her adoration for Mark Valley.  Ricki has bad news for Elaine, though. Mark couldn't make it.  He is on the phone.

Mark Valley

Ricki:  Hello. Who is this.
Mark:  (voice only) Hi. This is . . . um . . . Mark . . . Valley.  (He sounds like he is right there in person.)
Ricki:  He's on the phone for you, Elaine. You want to say anything to him?
Elaine:  Your voice sounds different. Hi, Mark. How you doing?
Mark:  Hi, Elaine. How am I doing? My nose is a little stuffed up. It's a little cold out here on the beach.
Ricki:  Well, I know that you really tried to get off from work. But could you arrange something else, like maybe tickets to the show.
Mark:  Um . . . yeah.  I'd probably have to ask, though.
Ricki:  I hear we have tickets backstage. Can someone bring out those tickets for her?
Days of Our Lives music plays and Mark walks through the door (big surprise) wearing a black tshirt with a black blazer and funky gray shoes. Elaine gets up and he hugs her. They are talking right away but their words can not be heard over the music. There is another woman in the audience who is in love with Mark and Ricki tries to get her to go up and sit with Mark.
Ricki:  There he is, isn't he perfect?
Mark:  Hi. Thanks, that was really . . .
Woman:  I love you. (audience laughs)
The woman is too shy to go up and sit with Mark on stage.
Mark:  Come on. Come on up.
Ricki gets Mark to come up into the audience.
Mark:  Hi.  Nice to meet you.  How are you? (He shakes her hand and many others around her)  Hi. Hi.
Ricki:  Mark, you are such a good sport. Is this weird for you? All these ladies are drooling over you.
Mark:  I just wish that high school was like this. It would have been so much easier.
Ricki:  Look at his eyes, you guys. Do you see his eyes?
Ricki:  Elaine, there he is.
Mark:  Hey, I hear that Joe Barbara (Joe, AW) is here.
Ricki:  Yeah, we got a lot of them. We aren't giving away all the secrets but he's here.  But I am so glad that you were able to come here today. Elaine, what do you want to say to him?
Mark:  My pleasure.
Elaine:  Thank you.  I mean, this is like my dream come true.  I have been a die hard fan of Days for eleven years and to meet you especially is just like my dream come true.  Thank you for coming all this way.
Mark:  Wow. (They hug and start low talking as Ricki goes back into the audience. He is asking her where she is from.)
Ricki has found another Mark fan in the audience.  Her name is Colleen and she goes to the stage to sit next to Mark.  He asks her name and shakes her hand and makes small talk.
Ricki:  Mark, thanks so much for making these ladies dreams come true.
Mark:  It was my pleasure.
Later on in the show, Ricki takes Mark behind the scenes to surprise a staff member who is a fan.
Ricki:  We're here with Mark Valley, star of Days of Our Lives.
Mark:  One of.
Ricki:  In our lovely production offices.  Aren't they beautiful?
She takes him through the halls and they wave into doorways.  "Hey Andy. That's a great rolodex you have there," he says in one doorway.  He says hellos into others.  He compliments Ricki on a picture in the hall. And then they finally reach the office of Julie and Margaret.  The women are surprised and Mark quickly scoots around Julie's desk and picks her up and carries her to the doorway.  He stops and places her on the desk.  He shakes her hand and introduces himself to Julie and then goes and hugs Margaret.
Mark:  Can I use your phone?  How do I get an outside line? (He plays with the phone as the women admit to watching the show every day on their lunch hour.)
Ricki:  Anything you want to ask him?
Julie:  You ever going to get Jennifer?
Mark:  Uh . . . yeah.  Eventually.
Ricki:  Forget about Jennifer. What about you?
Julie:  I'm taken, actually. (She shows a picture of her fiancée)
Mark:  Oh, how nice. (He comes back over to Julie's desk and looks at the picture.) W hat a nice guy.  Is that your boyfriend?  Are you guys gonna get married?
Julie:  Eventually.
Mark begins to make himself comfortable behind Julie's desk.  He goes looking for candy.
Mark:  Ricki, can we do the rest of the show from right here?  Well, I'm kind of bummed out.  We come in here and they're like "we don't watch you until lunch". You know? (He's leaning back in her chair.) And "I've got a boyfriend".
Julie is really happy that Mark came back there to surprise her.  Mark's feet are up on the desk and he is really laid back as Ricki cuts to commercial.

This appearance was transcribed by Salem.