"I'd like to go back to Berlin"

by Unknown
From Soap Dish Digest, April 1996 | Dishtakes, p. 65

When Days of Our Lives' Mark Valley wants to get away from it all and take off on vacation, he never likes to go to the same place twice. But there is one country that he would like to visit again.

"I'd like to go back to Berlin. I used to live there and I'd like to go back because I haven't been there since I left. It's a big city that's connected by highways and they have a great public transportation system. It's like being in Germany. When you're there, it's so exciting because there is so much history and background there that dates back hundreds of years. I speak German so it's kind of an escape when you go to a country where you can speak their language. It's a great feeling."

Source: Thanks to "Salem"


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