"Daytime's Sixty Most Beautiful People"

by Lorraine Zenka
From Soap Opera Magazine, August 12, 1997

Better looking than a young Robert Redford -- and with as much big-screen charisma -- Days' Mark Valley (Jack) admits that he feels like a "misfit" in public -- especially decked out in a tux. "In my heart, I'd be most comfortable surrounded by mahogany walls in a den that a New England math professor might love," he muses, recalling a professor who had a "different bow tie for every day of the week. He found advanced calculus 'beautiful,' which was a word we used in reference to Smith girls we met at a dance." The professor's insight appealed to Valley's own keen ability to view things from different perspectives.

Castmates see him from different angles, too. While his West Point training has always served him well, others see Valley's self-admitted "wacky" side, which is reserved primarily for family and friends. "Mark has such a bad-boy quality to him!" exclaims Deidre Hall (Marlena). "Such a feisty, irreverent, carefree way. On the set, you almost have to laugh just looking at him, because you know he's going to do something any second. He's such a saucy boy. It's as if he's going to get us all in trouble and we'll all end up in the principal's office. I think the audience sees that in him, too."

That beautiful quality is apparent to on-screen love Stephanie Cameron (Jennifer). "He's like a Saturday Night Live skit," she says with a laugh. "So much fun -- yet totally professional. Mark always strives for more, always going a step further to make things better."


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