"Holy Cow: Some interesting quotes about Mark or Jack"

The following are a few interesting quotes that Salem gathered from various soap opera magazines. Thanks to Salem for the contributions.

Mark on Jack's lack of family ties:
"I think [being alone] makes relationships a little more important to Jack. He relies a little more on friends and chooses them more carefully." from SOU July 11, 1995 p37

Mark on Jack:
"I like this character because he's rich with activity and experience. I'm discovering all sorts of things about him . . . I just don't know what he'll do next." from The Ultimate Soap Opera Guide by Seli Groves c1995 p204

Missy on why we love Jack:
"His sense of humor and his undying commitment to win his family back." from SOU Sep 19, 1995 p34

Missy on Mark:
"He has very honest eyes, very sincere." from SOD Nov 21,1995 p35

SOU on Mark and his nomination for an SOU Award:
"He has had one mission since joining the soap in 1994: winning back Jennifer. His boy next door charm and understated, natural talent -- and his ability to make fans forget any predecessors in the role -- make him a nominee to be reckoned with." from SOU Oct 1, 1996 p31

SOU on Jack with James Reilly views on Jack:
"Jack possesses a quality any woman can appreciate: he's able to admit when he's made a mistake. Returning to Salem after a year of soul searching, the new and improved Jack decided to reclaim his family by exposing ex-wife Jennifer's new love, Peter, as a criminal. 'Everything Jack has done has been out of love for Jen,' notes headwriter James Reilly. 'We all have flaws; mistakes we wish we could go back and correct. Jack has made an incredible effort to change. He wants to be a more total individual because he loves Jen and Abby.'" from SOU Nov 26, 1996 p46