"Twins that play "Abby" think Mark is a real life Superhero"

by Janet Di Lauro | Soap Opera Weekly Magazine
"The Gossip West Coast" - April 22, 1997, p13.

Paige and Ryanne Kettner, the twins who play Abby, are convinced that a superhero lives behind the scenes at Days of Our Lives -- and that the caped crusader is their on screen dad, Mark Valley.

"They think that I am Batman and that I live in the Bat Cave," Mark says. "It started when they saw me wearing these leather boots and black rubber jacket one day when it was raining. It looks like something that Batman would wear. They even asked me if I was Batman, but I told them that I could not talk about it."
When his sister, Marnie, showed up at the studio, her visit only added fuel to the fire. "Because she's got dark hair, they thought that she was Batgirl." Mark adds that he gets such a kick out of his fictitious alter ego that he's "even taken measures to exploit it. I got a key chain with Catwoman hanging on the end of it. When the girls saw that, it really got them going."

What clinched it, however, was a photo of Mark with the Batmobile. "I was doing a public appearance at this car show, and it was there -- the car with the orange stripe on it from the original Batman series," he notes. "I got a picture taken in it, gave it to the girls and signed it 'Love, Mark.' After that they were absolutely convinced it was true."