"Classic Car Man"

by Janet Di Lauro  |  Soap Opera Weekly
"The Gossip -- West Coast, Oct. 3, 1995

You won't catch Mark Valley tooling around town in any shiny, new hot rod. He's strictly a classic car man. "I've always gotten used ones. I just love old cars," says Mark, whose current set of wheels is a 1966 turquoise Mustang. "They're in pretty high demand these days. I had the engine rebuilt. It's got 40,000 miles on it."

Mark explains why he bought this car. "One of my favorite films is 'Bullitt" (1968), with Steve McQueen. He drives around in this Mustang flashback in the movie. I think the '66 actually looks better than the later models -- they had bigger hoods and bigger bodies."

Mark, by the way, is about to be reunited with another set of old wheels -- his 1981 Fiat convertible. It's being shipped to him from New York. "A friend of mine who's a mechanic knew somebody who was bringing some stuff to Las Vegas from back East and had some room in their truck," explains Mark, who's owned the car since he was "a kid at West Point. I used it a little when I lived in New York, but for the most part, its been in storage for six, seven years."

Mark thinks the Fiat will fit right into the L.A. scene. "It's amazing how all Mustangs, (Volkswagen) Beetles and Fiats end up in California," he grins. "It's like they come here to retire, live out their old age."