"Shooting Stars"

Soap Opera Weekly
October 31, 1995

FIRST AIRDATE: Oct. 28, 1994

NOTABLE CREDITS: Father Pete on AW; a bit part in the feature film, THE INNOCENT

WHY HE HAS STAR POTENTIAL: Having so seamlessly stepped into a role fans were furious to see recast is proof enough of Valley's abilities. Incorporating what initially made the character popular -- fire, sarcasm and a lovable, oafish quality -- Valley has helped define Jack by adding an intellect and a sensuality that was sorely missing. His effortless ways and interesting presence enhance every scene. Valley also doesn't take himself too seriously, and that translates wonderfully on-screen.

COMMENT FROM CO-WORKER: "Well, first of all, let's face it: Mark's gorgeous. He has a presence and a fresh quality, and he is able to connect with other actors in a unique way. He has a sensitivity and depth that enhance his performance, and his responses are very real, not pat. Mark has a broad range, and I think that his potential is as big as one can go." -- Jaime Lyn Bauer