"Mark Valley: Just the Facts" [Days of Our Lives Close-ups]

by Seli Grooves  |  The Ultimate Soap Opera Guide
Visible Ink Press, 1995 p.203-4

Birthplace: Ogdenburg, New York

Mark Valley replaced Matt Ashford in the role of Jack Deveraux in October 1994. Valley, whose last soap stint was a short-run role as a priest, Father Pete, on Another World, has spent most of his career doing prime-time television, theater, and films.

Valley's life has been rich with activity and experience. He chose to go to West Point ". . . for two reasons: A good education and the challenge. I felt that if I could make it through the demands of those four years, I would be able to do whatever I wanted in life."

He was graduated with a degree in math and was sent to Germany. Except for his participation in Operation Desert Storm, he spent most of the next five years in Berlin, where he saw the wall come down. It was in Berlin that Mark was "discovered" by an agent who saw him while he was shopping in Berlin and suggested that he might want to go to an audition for a new film. Mark had done some acting in high school, but shelved the idea when he was accepted at West Point. Now the idea seemed more and more like a good one; especially when he found himself in a film with Anthony Hopkins, The Innocent, directed by John Schlesinger. His next film was opposite Peter Falk in Wim Wenders' Faraway, So Close!

Mark went on to do other films and productions in Europe. He also appeared on stage in Berlin. When he moved back to New York in 1991, his stateside career began with commercials and Another World. The NBC peacock is proud of the fact that this talented thespian is still in the network's nest.