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Mark Valley News

Mark Valley begins his new incarnation as Detective Tommy Sullivan in ABC's "Body of Proof"

"Our victim has blunt force trauma ... to the heart"
[January 7, 2013] 
Mark begins his new incarnation as Detective Tommy Sullivan in ABC's "Body of Proof" when it premieres February 19, 2013. This go around, Mark and Dana Delany are decidedly not brother and sister as they were in the wonderful "Pasadena", although their subtext in both series may cross paths. [Dana's Pasadena" character Catherine shared a lustful kiss with her brother Robert - Mark - albeit in a dream state. See my screenshot of that kiss below ...]

From ABC Medianet:
Twenty years ago Megan had her heart broken. Not that she would ever admit it. As a surgical resident in New York City, she stitched up a wounded young cop named Tommy Sullivan who had been shot during a drug bust, and a passionate love affair ensued. It ended just as tempestuously when he cheated on her. Reeling from this betrayal, Megan returned to Philadelphia, vowing never to be hurt again.

And then Tommy Sullivan walks back into her life.

After a long career in New York City Detective, Tommy Sullivan has relocated to Philadelphia, where he and his new partner, Detective Adam Lucas, have drawn the unenviable job of teaming with Megan to solve homicide cases. Needless to say Megan is stunned by Tommy’s reappearance, wants nothing to do him, and immediately suspects he has somehow engineered his new post to rekindle their relationship. Is she right? Does he have a prayer? Their personal history will uncomfortably animate every investigation they’re forced to work on together.

Season Three will grab audiences with higher stakes and bigger thrills and chills, as Megan, Tommy and their respective colleagues work feverishly to track down killers before they kill again. And with each passing case, as the personal tension between Megan and Tommy evolves into mutual respect and even hints at their former attraction, Megan will start to wonder if she should risk opening herself up to this man again. The answer will come as they tackle the biggest case of Megan’s career — indeed the biggest mystery of Megan’s entire life: Did her father really commit suicide, or was he murdered?

Season three teaser; thanks to Sean Mooney for alerting us.

In the meantime, from "Pasadena":


From "Pasadena", season 1, ep. 5, "Puppy Love", Catherine dreams of a lover - who morphs into her brother:

"Pasadena", season 1, ep. 5, "Puppy Love", Catherine and Robert in a dream


Mark Valley, as Detective Tommy Sullivan, in "Body of Proof"
Mark Valley
"What Happened at WonderCon"
[April 3, 2011]

Backstage at WonderCon 2011 with GiveMeMyRemoteTV; Part 1 of 2: Matt Miller and Mark Valley talk about a potential season 3 and who might be returning.

Backstage at WonderCon 2011 with GiveMeMyRemoteTV; Part 2 of 2: Matt Miller and Mark Valley talk about the Chance-Ilsa relationship and where it might go in season three.

WonderCon attendee 'walelia' posted this video from the panel:

WonderCon attendee 'theredmonkey' posted this video from the panel:

Backstage at WonderCon 2011, Sidewalks Entertainment host Richard R. Lee talks to showrunner and executive producer Matt Miller about taking over the 2nd season of Fox's Human Target, fans response to the show, and the current status of a 3rd season for next season.

WonderCon 2011: Roundtable With Executive Producer Matt Miller and Stars Mark Valley, Jackie Earle Haley, & Janet Montgomery by
Miller talks about the possibility of a Season 3 for the show, the addition of two strong female characters to break up the sausage fest on screen, and fan input, and Valley gets really interested in a reporter’s notebook. Haley and Montgomery talk about the transition of adding Montgomery to the team, the shooting schedule, and Haley talks a bit about Dark Shadows. > Listen to the 17 min. audio interview.

"Mark Valley reveals Human Target Season 3 ideas for Chance…if there is a Season 3"
by Peter Brown/AssignmentX
"I’d like to see the third season where Chance really takes a leap and says ‘I’m really going to live in this world with regular people, I’m really going to give it a shot and go all the way and see how that works for him." > Read Article

"WonderCon 2011: The HUMAN TARGET Season 3 scoop and status" by Peter Brown/AssignmentX
Executive producer Matthew Miller talks about what’s happening. > Read Article

Mark Valley at WonderCon

Mark Valley
"Mark Valley Invades WonderCon"
[March 28, 2011]  From Warner Bros. WWTVM Communications & Publicity
Mark Valley is returning to WonderCon to talk about the future of Christopher Chance in a panel discussion as well as inviting fan questions. Joining Mark are Jackie Earle Haley (Guerrero), Janet Montgomery (Ames), along with executive producer Matthew Miller.

WonderCon, celebrating its 25th anniversary, rolls into the home base of the Human Target team - San Francisco, held in Moscone Center South, April 1 through 3, 2011.

Mark's WonderCon schedule for Sunday, April 3:

12:30–1:15 p.m.
Human Target Signing at the DC Comics Booth #301

1:45–2:30 p.m.
Human Target Special Video Presentation
Cast/Producer Q&A
Mark Valley, Janet Montgomery and executive producer Matthew Miller will climb the panel stairs to look back at the recently concluded second season of this fan-favorite series. The Human Target team will deliver a special video presentation prepared exclusively for WonderCon, will talk about their vision for the future of Christopher Chance and his team, and will answer fan questions in a Q&A session moderated by Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times.

For continuing information about WonderCon:
WonderCon website:
Warner Brothers on Twitter: @thewbdotcom
Human Target on Twitter: @humantargetfox
Janet Montgomery on Twitter: @Janetmonty
Matthew Miller on Twitter: @mattmillerTV
Human Target on Facebook:

Mark Valley at WonderCon
Mark Valley
"TV Actor Nominated"
[June 14, 2010]  From Teen Choice
Mark is a TV Actor nominee for a Teen Choice Award. He was previously nominated for a Teen Choice Award as TV Breakout Star in 2003 for his work in "Keen Eddie". Mark's series, "Human Target" is also Teen Choice nominated in the category of TV Show: Action. The award winners will be announced August 9, 2010 on Fox TV.

Mark Valley in Human Target, 1x12
Mark Valley
"Green It. Mean It: Valley Gives an Earthday Tip"
[April 21, 2010]  From Fox Broadcasting
Mark took part in Fox Broadcasting's 2010 Earth Day campaign and delivered this green tip: "Unplug your TV when not being used. If households across the country made this small change, we'd save more than $1 billion a year in energy bills. For convenience, try using a power strip or outlet connected to a wall switch." Watch Human Target's Chi McBride's tip here.

Mark Valley for Earthday
Mark Valley

"'Human Target' Comic-Con Appearance"
[July 22, 2009]  Mark and "Human Target" will be all over Comic Con in San Diego this week.

Wednesday, July 22, 6pm-9pm / Ballroom 20:
Preview Night with screening of "Human Target"

Saturday, July 25, 3pm-3:40pm / WB Booth 4329:
Cast Autograph Signing with Jackie Earl Haley, Chi McBride, Mark Valley, Jon Steinberg, Brad Kern, Peter Johnson

Saturday, July 25, 4:45pm-5:55pm / Room 6BCF
Panel with Mark Valley, Jackie Earl Haley, Chi McBride, Jon Steinberg, Brad Kern, Peter Johnson and original Human Target co-creator Len Wein.

Of note: The "Fringe" panel discussion will slightly overlap that of HT over in Ballroom 20 from 4pm-5pm. At least Mark and Anna have convergent promotional schedules as well as filming locations.

[July 27 Update] Thanks to for capturing and sharing the "Human Target" panel discussion! Visit their YouTube page and leave appreciative comments!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3 [Audience Questions]

Mark and Chi at the Comic Con Panel in San Diego, July 25, 2009
[screenshot from HumanTargetOnline video]

Also read summary of panel from Newsarama

Mark as The Human Target
Mark Valley

"'Fox Unveils Video of 'Human Target'"
[May 20, 2009] Fox released video previews and a three-minute promotional trailer from the pilot of "Human Target". Watch them at the Fox Broadcasting YouTube channel.  Preview #1 (the second video below) brings to mind Brad Chase in Boston Legal's "Greater Good" episode when he nonchalantly takes down the courtroom bomber:
Bomber: 'I do have a bomb.'
Brad Chase: 'Come on. We've got two more expert witnesses to get through by lunch.'






Mark as The Human Target
Mark Valley
"'Human Target' debuts January 17, 2010"
[May 18, 2009]
During the Fox upfronts, it was announced that "Human Target" will premiere mid-season a special preview Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 8pm.  It's first episode will be sandwiched between an NFL playoff game and the season premiere of "24".  However, after the premiere, the show transitions into its regular time slot on Wednesday nights at 9pm, following "American Idol Results Show".  The run may be short since it appears the series "Glee", airing in the same timeslot Fall 2009, will resume Spring 2010.

It's also possible Mark's Chance will get some out-of-the-box airtime. To get viewers to watch commercials, Fox is launching something called Alive Air, which includes original interstitials with Fox series' characters dispersed during ad breaks.

Mark as The Human Target
Mark Valley
"Fox Picks Up 'Human Target'"
[May 13, 2009] LA Times Blog
It's official: Fox has picked up Human Target, the DC Comics series created by Len Wein, Carmine Infantino, and Dick Giordano, as a new drama series this fall. The show was apparently the best-received pilot at the network's screenings last week. The big action drama has tested extremely well, and is liked by incoming executive Peter Rice. Rumor is FOX is considering pairing it with “Dollhouse”, or bringing in one of their other pilots for a back to back pairing in the Fall. [, & LA Times Blog]
>> Watch pilot guest star Tricia Helfer talk about the storyline

>> enlarge

Mark as The Human Target
Mark Valley
"Mark Valley Cast as 'The Human Target'"
[February 11, 2009] by Matt Brady
A television version of DC/Vertigo’s The Human target has taken another step towards reality, as The Hollywood Reporter named Mark Valley as the actor to portray the title character, Christopher Chance. As reported earlier, the project was picked up by Fox and will be produced by Warner Bros Television, DC Comics and McG’s Wonderland production company.

Valley’s character assumes the identity of individuals in danger, becoming a “human target” or his clients while he tries to discover why the person is being threatened, and by whom. Created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino in 1972, the character first saw life in the DC Universe alongside Batman and other “street level” detectives and private investigators. In more recent years, the character has moved to the Vertigo imprint where Christopher Chance was revived by writer Peter Milligan for an original graphic novel, a four issue miniseries, and an ongoing series that lasted 21 issues.

The new pilot (and hopeful series) will mark the second time the character has seen the small screen. Rick Springfield portrayed Chance in a short-lived 1992 television series.

Speaking of Valley, the commitment to the pilot continues his run in genre television, as he appeared on Fox’s Fringe this season. Valley was also selected by Newsarama readers as the actor that they would like to see portray Captain America in Marvel’s forthcoming First Avenger: Captain America movie.
>> Newsarama article note: All "Keen Eddie" fans have been pining for a reunion of those creative people and, seeing that Simon West is directing the pilot, maybe he'll be on board for more. Simon was "Keen Eddie's" executive producer. The pilot is written by Jon Steinberg. note: Check back soon for a review of the Fox pilot script!
>> Interesting synopsis of "The Human Target" graphic novel at Amazon by reviewer Mel Odom

Mark as The Human Target
Mark Valley
"Haiku, a Comedy Show"
[February 10, 2009] During the "Good Morning, New York" interview, Mark mentions a new endeavor. Every Wednesday night, he performs a free comedy show with a friend of his. "Haiku, a Comedy Show" is a new indie stand-up show in the back of the Jeollado Sushi Bar in the East Village part of New York City. The weekly comedy starts at 8:00PM and is ongoing through March 25.
>> Facebook: Haiku at Jeollado
>> Facebook: Haiku, a comedy show event schedule

Mark at SAG Awards 2006
Mark Valley
"... Tattooed veins, pink chicken cutlets, sprinkled some confectioners sugar ..."
[February 7, 2009] From TV Guide's "Up Close with Mark Valley" with Matt Mitovich
Mitovich: Will we ever get to meet William Bell?
Valley: I do know William Shatner is available because 'Boston Legal' isn't airing anymore. I think it'd be a fantastic idea.
Mitovich: During pilot casting, lord knows your name turns up every spring, but I haven't seen it yet. That suggests to me you have a certain amount of job security.
Valley: I'd like to think that as well. I like to think I have some job security, but you never really know.

TV Guide Matt Mitovich interview
Mark Valley
"For somebody whose character died in the pilot, I've done an awful lot of work on this show."
[February 7, 2009] From Fox TV / Tribune Interactive
Mark Valley answers some of the ongoing mysteries about John Scott on Fringe. Is he alive or is he dead? Did he love Olivia Dunham? Who was he working for?
Broadcast: December 09, 2008
Host: Jessica Holmes / Produced by: Catalina Walsh

Fox interview
Mark Valley
"We Venture to the 'Fringe' with Mark Valley"
[February 2, 2009] FROM fearNet:
Mark Valley has one of the more interesting roles on Fringe. His character, agent John Scott, is blown up in the first episode, lives on in the memories of agent Olivia Dunham (thanks to that crazy "experimental science"), and is sustained as a crispy critter in a hyperbolic tent by the evil Massive Dynamic corporation. With a character like this, it's no wonder that fans are salivating for answers. We squeeze a few questions out of the elusive actor.

FearNet: What has your contractual status been this season?
Contractually, I can't really say too much. Basically, it's one of those situations where they can keep you as long as they want, but it doesn't necessarily mean you can leave whenever you want. That's all I can really say about that. I was never signed up to be in every episode regularly.

FearNet: Is this sort of uncertainty fun for you?
It's fun when you're getting the job, but it's not quite as enjoyable when you're wondering what the next one is going to be.

FearNet: Do you think your character is really a traitor, or that he's more of a misunderstood hero on the show?
I think he's just a real believer. I think he's really serious about what he does, and whoever it is that he is working for, he's extremely loyal to them. Aside from that, I don't really want to judge, to be honest with you.

FearNet: Will we ever see John in the flesh again instead of just in Olivia's mind?
Mark: I can't really say. I think you'll probably see both, but I can't really confirm, nor what condition he's going to be in in either of those situations.

FearNet: When you signed on to the show, did anyone assure that, even though you "died" in the first episode, you would come back for more episodes?
Mark: To start out with, sometimes I need assurance as to what to wear when I leave the house. [Laughs.] That having been said, I think you can make an assumption on that. I always felt that, for a guy whose character dies in the pilot, I've gotten an awful lot of work on this show.
>> Read full FearNet article

Mark Valley
"Fringe Stars Anna Torv and Mark Valley Married"
[February 2, 2009]  From E!Online "Watch with Kirstin":
Anna Torv and Mark Valley [September 2008]It's true. A rep for Anna Torv has just confirmed to us that the Fringe star secretly married Mark Valley, who plays her love interest on the Fox show.

OK, "love interest" may be simplifying things just a wee bit. Mark plays her ex-lover John Scott, who turned out to be evil and died, but then came back to the series through hallucinations. (Just another day in the world of J.J. Abrams.)

So when and where did the wedding ceremony go down? And more importantly, who even knew these two were together at all?

Though Torv's rep declined to provide further details, sources on the show tell us the small, private ceremony took place over the holidays.

The pair has been quietly dating for several months—so quietly that many of their fellow castmates and crew members weren't aware they were together.

Neither did the press. On Thursday, Valley took part in a conference call with reporters, and talked about his new bride (without referencing her as such). "I think [Anna] is just a fantastic actor and I really like working with her," he said. "She's my favorite on the show, to be honest with you." (We should hope so!)

We're told the ceremony took place within days of Mark's 45th birthday. Anna is 30.
>> Eonline article
>> TV Guide
>> LA Times Dish Rag

Mark and Anna as John and Olivia
Mark Valley
Back to Brad?
[September 16, 2008] Ausiello calls this a "scoop on Mark Valley's possible return to Boston Legal". Hardly. Watch the video, but the pertinent parts are:

"One would assume some of BL's most notable alums would be paying a visit to the offices of CP&S in the coming weeks and months."
Ausiello: Any chance of going back to "Boston Legal" in the coming season?
Mark: Haven't heard anything. I can still wear a suit. All I need is a tie and I think I could probably go back, right?""

Brad Chase } Boston Legal: Gone
Mark Valley
"Fringe" Photo Shoot
[September 12, 2008] Go behind the scenes of a Fringe photo shoot in late June in New Jersy. Mark comments: "It's something you've seen maybe only in a nightmare."

Fringe photo shoot
Mark Valley
JJ and Bob Talk about Mark's "Fringe" Future
[September 11, 2008] JJ Abrams and Bob Orci talk about the future of Mark Valley's character in "Fringe" at the series panel at Comic Con, July 26, 2008 in San Diego.
Mod: Someone dies or appears to die or maybe not die - Mr. Valley. What can you tell us about his further participation in "Fringe"?
<nervous laughter among the creative's on the panel>
Bob Orci: He certainly is going to live on in Olivia's mind.
<evasive and cagey looks between JJ and Bob>
Mod: You do have the technology. You could rebuild him. I saw the arm on Blair.
JJ: True. But could we make it better than anyone?
Mod: Stronger?
JJ: We will say he will be back in some form, for sure.
>> Watch the discussion

Fringe Panel at Comic Con
Mark Valley
"Meet Dave"
[July 4, 2008] Mark portrays a police officer in Eddie Murphy's "Meet Dave", in theaters July 11. [ETA: Not sure this is Valley. We were told he auditioned for an Eddie Murphy movie and it sure looks like him, but he's not in the credits and the cop part is played by similar-looking Scott Caan. If anyone can confirm, please contact this site]
>> "Meet Dave" trailer
>> Photos posted in the Boston Legal forum

Meet Dave
Mark Valley
"Swingtown" Photos
[July 4, 2008] Mark played swinging psychologist Brad Davis in episode 2 & 3 of CBS's "Swingtown", airing June 12 and June 19, 2008. In "Love Will Find a Way", he and his sideburns did the Hustle in the Playboy Club, In "Double Exposure", he charmed the series star by drawing her portrait on her living room wall, then concluded the evening in the pool with another man's wife.
>> "Swingtown" video [coming soon]
>> Photos posted in the Boston Legal forum [photos in gallery coming soon]

Mark Valley
"Fringe" Trailer and Photos
[May 15, 2008] Today, Fox released a video trailer and advance promo images for "Fringe". Get your first look at the video and Mark in action.
>> "Fringe" video [3:21]
>> Promotional one-sheet [pdf]
>> Cast photo
>> Mark [John] and Anna [Olivia]

Mark Valley
Fox Upfronts Markets "Fringe"
[May 15, 2008] "Fringe" details and a huge marketing campaign came forth during the Fox Upfronts in New York. "Fringe", Mark's new series, will premiere with two-hour episode Tuesday, August 26 (rescheduled for) September 9, at 8 p.m. and then settle into its regular time period at 9 p.m. after "House." Starting new series in August is a week earlier than usual and during the same week as the Democratic National Convention.

Kevin Reilly, Fox entertainment president, said, "We have high expectations for this. We'll have a huge campaign for it." The network plans to give the show an even bigger boost in January, when it will air behind "American Idol."

Five new posters for "Fringe" were unveiled this week at, just one of the many facets of an enormous marketing campaign in an unprecedented move to promote the series on the same day it's officially announced..

In addition, TV Week reports: "Fox importing two dozen cows to heavy traffic locations in Manhattan. The bovine billboards will be accompanied by street teams handing out all sorts of "Fringe"-themed merchandise, from T-shirts to apples. Other street teams will ride around town on Segway scooters or moving on foot. All told, Fox will hand out more than 5,000 "Fringe" items around the city.

The network will also be advertising heavily on a jumbo screen in Times Square, as well as more than 40 digital billboards attached to subway entrances.  And once the sun sets, random video projectors set up around New York City will beam "Fringe" ads on the sides of buildings and other public space."

"Fringe" will be one of two series Fox is calling "Remote-Free TV," which means it will include about half the usual amount of ads.

In review, "Fringe" is about two FBI agents (Mark Valley, Anna Torv) who investigate weird goings-on with the aid of an Einstein-like genius (Lord of the Ring's John Noble) and his estranged son (Dawson Creek's Joshua Jackson). Spoiler alert! There's a plane crash. Everyone on Flight 627 dies. The shocking truth leads to an even more shocking truth. For more spoilers, read SealCrab's script review here.

Mark Valley

The World is Watching
[April 4, 2008] Launched a Mark channel on LiveVideo.

Keen Eddie
Mark Valley

"Keen Eddie" Returns
[February 1, 2008] "Keen Eddie" airs Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays on the Sleuth digital cable channel (DirectTV & Dish).

Keen Eddie
Mark Valley

New Series "Fringe"
[January 18, 2008] Mark will portray John Scott, an FBI Special Agent in J.J. Abrams new drama series "Fringe", launching in the 2008-2009 season. Filming starts mid-January in Toronto. >> read more

JJ Abrams' "Fringe"
Mark Valley News

Guest Star on "Law and Order: SVU"
[November  27, 2007] Screen captures from Mark's guest appearance on "Law & Order: SVU" (scroll down forum page)

"Law & Order: SVU"
Mark Valley

Ferguson + Gretsch = Valley
[September 4, 2006] by Matt Rousch |
Question: Am I mistaken, or are Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter of Eureka), Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin of The 4400) and Mark Valley (Brad Chase of Boston Legal) the same person using different names?

Matt Roush: You're not the only one to write in about the resemblance between Ferguson and Gretsch, but since you added the similarly square-jawed Valley to the mix, let me just say that if they could bottle the water from that particular handsome-leading-man gene pool, someone could make a fortune. (And speaking of which, if only Mark Valley could find his way out of Legal and into an actual leading-man role again, like the wonderful Keen Eddie.) [link]

[Ed. note: This is exactly what I've been thinking while watching "Eureka". Notice the mirrored back of the head shot. Also, I'd like to add Max Martini of CBS' "The Unit" into the Valley doppelganger trifecta]

Mark Valley's back in "Keen Eddie"
Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter of Eureka)
Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin of The 4400) with Mark Valley
Mark Valley

Mark Valley, Julie Bowen and the Creative Arts Emmys
[August 14, 2006] LA Times | The Envelope
You won’t get to see the taped Creative Arts Emmys – hosted by Penn and Teller - airing on E! Network until August 26, the night before the Primetime Emmys. But it’s definitely worth watching since the guest list has grown very impressive in recent years. This year's roster includes .... Julie Bowen and Mark Valley, those hot copulating attorneys from “Boston Legal.”  >> read more

Mark Valley, Julie Bowen and the Creative Arts Emmys 2006
Mark Valley

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