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Mark Valley as Will Gluck in "Once and Again"

Mark Valley in "Emily's Reasons Why Not"
Mark Valley in "Emily's Reasons Why Not"
Watch 'Emily's Reasons Why Not' promo clip 340 bitrate; streaming only/no downloads (1:46) page

Mark worked on a new comedy for ABC called "Emily's Reasons Why Not". From thelowroad blog:
"The based-on-the-novel show stars Heather Graham, who has the virtue of being generally likeable, and I was happy to see Keen Eddie's Mark Valley as Graham's scummy sometimes boyfriend--Valley does "arrogant jerk" very well."
[Thanks to Bev for this news]


From Pasadena: "Don't It Always Seem To Go"
[episode 13] 'Resolution' clip (3:47)
Streaming only / no downloads
Spoiler Alert: This is the final minutes of the series. There are no major spoilers to speak of, save for one vague visual.


"George Wallace" video clip: Mark portrays Bobby Kennedy
From "George Wallace"
Mark portrays Bobby Kennedy (7:16) [18 mb]
download available only until site launches


From Pasadena: "A Lie Worth Fighting For" [episode 12]
From Pasadena: "A Lie Worth Fighting For"
[episode 12] 'Robert, Interrupted' clip (2:53) [7.3 mb]


From Boston Legal [episodes 1-2]
Boston Legal
All Brad Chase scenes from the first two episodes

episode 1 "Head Cases"
 (13:36) [34 mb]

episode 2 "Still Crazy After All These Years"
 (14:56) [37 mb]

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Mark Valley in "Breast Men"
Download :21 second mp3 of Mark's scene from Breast Men [1997]